Art workshop

Lidia Fanjul
Language: English, Spanish or Bilingual 
Collagraph is a basic method of printmaking, using a board with collage materials glued onto it to form a relief surface with a variety of textures.
A very creative and experimental form of printmaking, collagraph prints can be made with many different materials, recycled and organic materials, including cardboard, yarn, fabric, leaves, masking tape, coffee, etc...
The collagraph technique you can learn at Hotel Posada del Valle, is focused on minimizing the use of hazard materials; using recycled, organic materials as much as possible and water-based inks, without acids or heavy metals.
Workshops *All prices are per person 1 person             .   2 - 6 people          
Printing session  3 hours workshop 42€   27€
Monographic workshop  2 sessions of 3 hours                 . 80€   46€
False Engraving workshop  2 hours
32€   20€
Printing session 
We will be learning the technique and printing some of the artist's designs, experimenting with colours and getting to know the possibilities. *A first contact with the technique, printing as much as we can!
Monographic workshop
Having fun and experimenting textures! We will be learning the technique, preparing our own designs on cardboard experimenting with textures; and finally printing them. A creative workshop, where you don't need to be afraid of painting! No place for the "white paper" panic! We will collage all kind of materials, always creating an unexpected, surprising print!
False Engraving workshop
False engraving is a different technique, not a printmaking technique but with similar visual effects. It is a very simple and cheap technique where you don't need pressure to produce the painting.
Recommended for children!
Bookings, at least, 5 days in advance!! 
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