Leisure activities

Due to the abundance of mountains, rivers and beaches there is a wide range of outdoor activities. In continuation we list some of the activities and the companies which offer them. At the end is a list of the companies mentioned with contact details and links to their web pages. For more information on things to do view the information on the area.


For information on mountain guides working in the area consult the Links section of our web page


  • Jaire C\ Juan Carlos 1 Arriondas 985 841462 www.canoasdelsella.com Canoeing, canoning & espeology
  • Escuela Asturiana de piraguismo C\ Turista 6 Canga de Onis * 985 841282 www.piraguismo.com Canoeing
  • Cangas Aventura Avda de Covadonga 17 Cangas de Onis 985 848576 www.cangasaventura.com Canoeing, canoning, Horse riding & espeology